Plan for Safety this Spring!

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Changing Seasons Home Health preps early for emergencies later.

Lightening cracks against a rapidly darkening sky. Wind beats against the windows as rain begins to fall in torrents. Spring in our area brings both the beauty and hazards of nature, but a little advanced planning can help ease the anxiety of what could come.

“We should all have some basic preparation in place for ourselves, and especially for those who depend on us.” says Jan Lehmann, owner of Changing Seasons Home Health. “We take caring for the most vulnerable people in society seriously.”

Emergency Preparedness Suggestions


• Non-perishable food

• Manual can opener

• 1 gal. drinking water/person

• Blankets or sleeping bag

• Weather radio & batteries

• Change of clothes

• 1 week supply of medicine

• Medical supplies

• Flashlight & extra batteries

• Sufficient fuel in your car

• Fill bath tubs with water for quick reserve



• Be aware of the weather

• Understand weather terms

• Recognize threatening conditions

• Have a safety plan

• Avoid low-lying areas

• Stay away from windows

• Seek shelter when advised

• Evacuate if advised

• Stay calm

• Have a “safe” room in the center of your home