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Our goal is to be the Premier Home Health Agency of North Texas. To do this we keep our agency at a manageable size. Our service area is up to 30 miles from our office within Texas. We do not feel you can respond to a patient’s needs if they live too far away. Our Registered Nurses care for a maximum of 25 patients to insure that each patient receives the excellent personal care that our agency is known to provide.

We recognize that we have three customer groups who we want to serve better than any other home health agency in our area:

Our Patients
We want to deliver the finest, personal care possible. We believe that technology has a place in our industry but you cannot replace the human touch. Keeping you involved in your care is important and maintaining your confidentiality is your right.

Our Physicians & their Office Staff
Our desire is to respond quickly to referrals and orders while keeping the physician’s informed with the least amount of intrusion into their very busy workday.

Our Employees
Our goal is to select the most qualified individuals available in the industry. To select them for their professional experience and their love for patient care. To provide them with the most current tools available for them to do their job well. To appreciate them for the hard work they do daily.